Life & Sports Sciences

Careers in the Life & Sports Sciences industries.

This sector allows you to dive deeper into the knowledge of Life & Sports Science and experiment with your findings.

Career Options

Within the Life & Sports Science industry you are able to make a difference whilst following your passion.

This sector attracts talented individuals who share the same desire to improve not only themselves but others too - which makes it the fast-paced and ever-changing sector that it is today.

Technology is improving understanding of the industry allowing for more research to be completed and is increasing the number of job opportunities available as a result.

Discover your potential by studying one of our career packages before progressing to employment or university.


Our career packages have been designed with industry experts to incorporate the perfect balance of qualifications and professional development. Throughout the professional development days you will enhance the soft skills needed within the sector which include communication, leadership and time management.

Careers you can look to pursue following studying in our Life & Sport Sciences sector are:


Employment Opportunities

The sports industry makes up for 1.7% of all jobs in the UK*. And the industry is benefiting from new technology and increased media coverage which is boosting employment within the sector.

What do I need?

Naturally the sporting industry is highly competitive – you will need to show your passion no matter what job you want within this sector.

What can I earn?

The average salary within the sports sector is £52,500+ with entry level jobs starting at around £18,000~.

*information from Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

+information from CW jobs

~information from