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Early Years Childcare & Education

Careers in the Early Years Childcare & Education industries.

Working in Early Years & Education is very rewarding. 

You could work as a Teacher, Nursery Practitioner, Play Therapist, Nursery Manager, Nanny or a range of other related careers. 

A professional in this role will inspire young children and help them learn the skills they need to progress through school. 

Patience, imagination and creativity are all needed for a successful career as well as a genuine love for child development.

A career package includes: 

  • Qualifications relevant to specific Early Years & Education careers
  • Clear routes to university, higher apprenticeships or employment 
  • Seven bespoke development days to improve industry-specific skills
  • Opportunity to work for one of our College Companies.

At USP College, we offer two career packages in the Early Years & Education sector - Teacher and Early Years Professional. You can find out more, and apply for these packages, below.