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Creative & Digital

Careers in the Creative & Digital industries.

Innovative, creative and artistic students can choose a career package in the Creative & Digital career sector. A creative career gives you the opportunity to express yourself while working in a varied industry. 

A career package includes: 

  • Qualifications relevant to specific Creative & Digital careers
  • Clear routes to university, higher apprenticeships or employment 
  • Seven bespoke development days to improve industry-specific skills
  • Opportunity to work for one of our College Companies.

At USP College, we offer four career packages in the Creative & Digital sector - Architect, Graphic Designer, Media Producer and Software Engineer. You can find out more, and apply for these packages, below. 

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Architecture is a creative career which requires highly technical knowledge.

Career Package - find out more

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Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are at the cutting edge of new developments.

Career Package - find out more

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Media Producer

Creating films, producing TV shows and working within the media industry.

Career Package - find out more

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Software Engineer

With technology’s role in everyday life, this provides plenty of job prospects.

Career Package - find out more