How to apply

Find out more about what happens when you apply and what you can expect from the process.

To apply to study at either of our campuses please complete our online application form

Choosing the right course

It is really important to ensure that your course choice is suitable for your ambitions now and in the future, whether it is going to university or work after you have finished college.

If you are unsure on what course to take, come along to one of our Open Evenings. Alternatively, you can book a careers interview with our fully qualified Careers Advisors by emailing or calling Seevic Campus 01268 882 666 or Palmer’s Campus 01375 370 121.

Tuition fees

If you have lived in the United Kingdom or European Economic Area (EEA) for the past three years and are under 19 on 31 August 2020 at the start of your course, you will not be charged tuition fees, as long as this is your first full-width Level 3 qualification. For Adult and HE fees please visit our website

Resource and course costs

If you are applying to study a course that requires resources which will be retained, you will be charged for the consumables. You will also be asked to pay for trips that form part of your course (e.g. theatre trips for Performing Arts).

All students will be asked to pay a book fee; more information will be provided when you enrol at the college.

What happens next?

1. Application

When we receive your application, we will email or write to you to let you know your application has arrived safely. Our Admissions Team will then manage your application.

2. Interview

We will invite you to an interview where you will be able to discuss your options and course choice(s); we will give you immediate feedback. You can also discuss any support you might need.

3. Offer

After your interview, we will write to you and confirm the outcome.

4. Pre-enrolment

You will be invited to come into college at the start of July to find out more about the course(s) you have chosen and explore the college facilities.

5. Enrolment

If your course starts in September you will receive information advising you when you need to enrol during the summer. Enrolment starts from the day GCSE results are released, normally the third week in August – please be aware of this when planning your holidays.