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Calculate your points

Work out your average point score for A-Levels.

In line with the new scale, our previous average point score of 5.3 is being replaced by 4.5. We have made this change to make it easier for you to understand your average GCSE point score and what courses you are able to study.

How to calculate your GCSE points

To study A-Levels you will need ALL of the following:

  1. An average point score of 4.5 or above, calculated from ALL of your GCSE subjects.
  2. Your point score MUST include at least five GCSEs at Grade C/4 or above – including English Language or Maths. Please note, if your English Language is a D/3, your Maths must be at least a C/4 and vice versa.
  3. Additional specific entry requirements may be needed, these can be found on the relevant course pages.

What you need to know

  • Applied/Double GCSEs count as two subjects and have double points
  • Half GCSEs have half the points value of a full GCSE (also known as a short course)
  • Professional qualifications are not counted when calculating the average GCSE point score.

GCSE point score calculator