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Find out more about our dedicated team of staff at the college.

We have a variety of staff who are responsible for the management of the college including our Governors and the Senior Management Team.

Our Staff: 

Name Job Title Email Address
Jonathan Briggs Assistant Principal - Vocational jonathan.briggs@uspcollege.ac.uk
Seval Fadil Assistant Principal - Academic seval.fadil@uspcollege.ac.uk
Blake Matthews  Head of A-Levels - Seevic & Palmer's Campus   blake.matthews@uspcollege.ac.uk 
Shanie George Deputy Head of A-Levels - Seevic & Palmer's Campus shanie.george@uspcollege.ac.uk
Amanda Thurston  Head of Learning,  Foundation Learning - Seevic & Palmer's Campus amanda.thurston@uspcollege.ac.uk
Chris Murgatroyd Head of Learning, STEM - Seevic & Palmer's Campus  chris.murgatroyd@uspcollege.ac.uk 
Clare Smith Head of Learning,  Creative Arts - Seevic & Palmer's Campus clare.smith@uspcollege.ac.uk
Tad Blower Head of Learning, Creative Arts - Seevic & Palmer's Campus tad.blower@uspcollege.ac.uk
Craig Davidson  Head of Learning, Sport & Public Services - Seevic & Palmer's Campus craig.davidson@uspcollege.ac.uk
Debbie Baker Head of Learning, Business - Seevic & Palmer's Campus debbie.baker@uspcollege.ac.uk
Sharmilla Guit Head of Learning, Health & Social Care and Early Years - Seevic & Palmer's Campus sharmilla.guit@uspcollege.ac.uk
Stuart Coussins Head of Learning, Higher & Adult Education - Seevic & Palmer's Campus stuart.coussins@uspcollege.ac.uk
Andy Shepherd  Head of Student Services and Designated Safeguarding Lead - Seevic & Palmer's Campus andy.shepherd@uspcollege.ac.uk 
Murray Higgs Head of Estates and Facilities - Seevic & Palmer's Campus murray.higgs@uspcollege.ac.uk 
Emily MacDonald Head of Marketing, Communications and Student Recruitment - Seevic & Palmer's Campus emily.macdonald@uspcollege.ac.uk 
Deborah Shepherd Head of Careers - Seevic & Palmer's Campus deborah.shepherd@uspcollege.ac.uk

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Ensuring stability and implementing new policies.

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Senior Management Team

Ensuring our students are given every opportunity to succeed.

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