Find out what our former students have been doing since leaving USP College

Do you ever look back and wish you could return to your days at college? Well, you can! 

You might not realise this but you are actually part of an alumni at every educational institute you have been too, including school, college and university. Not every institute will offer an alumni network, but at USP we think the importance of connecting past, present and future students is second to none. 

By having a network available we hope to guide, encourage and support our current and future students to the career that is right for them with the support of our former students. 

Whether you studied with us as USP College recently, or Seevic or Palmer's in the past we'd love to invite you to be a part of our Alumni Network. 



I found it to be an outstanding college! The quality of teaching and learning was exceptional and without the great teachers that I had, it wouldn't have been possible to have exceeded the grades required for entry in Higher Education at Loughborough University. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to study any Further Education course!

Clarissa Foster. Former student at the Seevic campus, has become a published author after writing a book on the BRCA gene and the management options available to BRCA mutation carriers, after being informed she carried the harmful BRCA2 gene mutation.


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